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Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, affects about 1 per cent of the population and is characterised by swings in mood from elation (mania) to depression.

During the manic phase there can be feelings of inflated self-esteem, verging on grandiosity, racing thoughts, restlessness and insomnia.

e Harmony uses its personality profiling system to try and match you with others that best fit your personality style.

It's a good idea and well implemented on this site that offers a large and diverse database. uk is a dating site that caters to many groups and niches, one of the more popular is the single parent dating niche, allowing single parents to meet other single parents who are looking to get back into dating.

But I'm 27 now, so I've had a full decade to work that out myself. Sometimes, I'm both (it's called a 'mixed state'), and that feels truly crazy. Putting someone in charge of your mental health and brain chemistry is a huge thing to do. I saw a cranky old man who hadn't Googled 'bipolar disorder' since 1965, a woman who looked like Jabba The Hutt and treated me worse, a softly spoken guy who prescribed 'long walks and tea', and a former prison warden, before I found my current wonderful psychiatrist. She does desperate sadness well, but some of her 'manic' behaviour is so accurate: the way she obsessively chases an idea, stays up all night pinning clues to her living room wall, survives on little to no sleep for a while and then collapses, behaves recklessly with her own life, and gets angry with her family for trying to tame her. We don't get a lot of carefully written characters with bipolar disorder, but this is probably our best pop-culture depiction.

If they are on medication but their moods are wildly swinging, ask them gently (remember they are bipolar, not a child, their life is still their choice and you are not their parent) if they've remembered to take their medication and if they have decided not to, why that is.

Aristotle once claimed that "there is no great genius without a mixture of madness", but the scientific evidence for an association has been weak – until now.

A study of more than 700,000 adults showed that those who scored top grades at school were four times more likely to develop bipolar disorder than those with average grades.

You wouldn’t share private family matters with someone you didn’t fully trust, and disclosing your mental illness is no different.

Whether you decide to talk about it on the first date or not until months in, the important thing is that you have a connection.