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I used to think that these types of sentiments were limited to White, Anglo Saxon individuals who grew up in minuscule towns, but as I mature, I’m learning that a “separate but equal” mentality thrives in America and beyond– regardless of your race—especially when it comes to love and marriage. Understand one thing: everyone has the power of CHOICE.We all live our lives and love who we love on our own terms. Williams’ fiance as “the enemy” is just downright silly.

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Ciara was publically shamed for something that (1) is no one's business and (2) an absolute double standard, as the singer pointed out during an interview on CBS "This Morning." "It's been very interesting to hear what a lot of guys have had to say," Ciara said.

One upset viewer also said: 'Apparently that black guy is pouting because he has full lips and his nostrils are flared??

Listen don't make me get mad.' Just 9.4 per cent of white people of 5,000 polled said they would date outside their race.

Black men have seemingly declared war on Black women, and it's getting real.

It's no secret that the battle of the sexes is something that's existed since Adam blamed Eve for biting that godforsaken forbidden fruit.