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Unless you have an extreme/odd sex fetish, why draw that kind of attention to yourself?Matt is very cute but he posts more pics of his plucked eyebrows, sculpted bod and suspiciously unaffordable material goods than even the legendary Colton Haynes -- DL's own platinum standard for gay man-whores.Often these accusations have been called upon or addressed wrong by the person himself.But sometimes, the answers do not come out which leaves the public in two confusions; does he not think it necessary to say that he is not gay?Despite the diversity in his origin, Joe had one thing that was common in both parts of his parents, that he was born in a house of performers and there was no doubt that he’d turn out to be otherwise.Joe started acting from the stage since 1997 and has had a fantastic run of career for almost 20 years now, which is expected to continue further.

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And isn’t all this a bit like we imagine e Harmony to be?So Matt is obviously a very skilled and industrious homosexualist.But sugar daddy Art is married so how does that work? We can tell by his instagram pics he does not possess the intelligence to be in the same circles as Art Wrubel.A Canadian-born actor, he has got a mixed ethnicity on his mother’s (Emma Neville) part as her father was John Neville, the famous British actor.Joe’s father Keith Dinicol was himself an actor as well as an acting coach, and his family has always been Canadian.How many times have we known that a person, a celebrity is accused of being sexually gay just because there is no record of his dating affairs in the media?