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Setanta's Freeview channel has a different schedule to Setanta 1. The picture quality a recieve is not excellant and keeps on breaking up and saying the program is scrambled.

I have searched all over their website, and no listing is to be found for the Freeview channel. In addition, your TV's EPG may list one programme while a completely different programme is actually being broadcast. Not sure if i will be subscribing for a long time if this does not improve.

Daystar will also be available on Freeview Channel 73 in You View, BT Vision and Talk Talk TV homes within this coverage area, as well as most Freeview HD (High Definition) homes.

About Daystar Television Network: Daystar Television Network is an award winning, faith-based network dedicated to spreading the Gospel 24 hours a day, seven days a week – all around the globe, through all media formats possible.

This means that if you got Setanta because they were claiming to show, for instance, NRL rugby from Australia, you will not be able to see ANY live matches. Because even repeated NRL matches are better than nothing, and they have been getting some of the tastiest Boxing matches around recently. The delivery for this item was late as i paid for express delivery. The item itself is o.k I had a lot of trouble with getting connected with Setanta and subsiquently missed three important premier league games.

You have to wait for whatever they might choose to repeat at a later date.2. I also ran up a large phone bill calling there helpline.

Television places the babeshows’ offerings into an environment where they have very little direct competition – an environment most people are equipped to browse and experience with absolute minimum effort and thought, and at absolute maximum quality.

The CI slot is a standard interface into which a PC-card module can be plugged to provide encryption services.

A smart card (or ‘viewing card’) slots into the module (called a CAM, or Conditional Access Module), and the whole combination unlocks the paid content.

The idea of ‘the Internet wanting to be television’ has never raised an eyebrow. The UK babe channels broadcast on TV, but the programme makers are not really using television as television.

When it comes to interactive adult services, however, there are many reasons why broadcasters might ideally like their TV shows to be a little more ‘cyber’ in nature.