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…Frightening of course for erstwhile Golden Boy Hrithik Roshan, to have her go after him tooth and nail after he tried pooh-poohing talk of their love affair gone wrong.
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“They approached me years ago and I decided it wasn’t for me,” she told Billy and Kit.“I don’t think my son needs to go to college and be able to Google, ‘mommy naked’…Christie’s is selling off 290 lots of Rivers’ handbags, clothing, French and English furniture, porcelain, glass and silver, jewelry, and Russian, European, and Asian works of art.Melissa pointed out there wasn’t anything that Joan ever told her she couldn’t part with, saying, “My mother was always very clear that these were her things and the things she loved and she didn’t expect her taste to be my taste and I should only keep what is meaningful and sell the rest, do some good with the money.” Of course, there were certain items Melissa kept for herself, but her 15-year-old son had the final say.According to, the couple have been dating for the past two weeks after being introduced by mutual friends.A source told "The relationship is going great." And mum Joan quipped to TMZ: "He makes a great living ... I'm 78 years old and now I get a discount on lubricant!

They are always willing to talk to whomever regarding just about anything.Maybe someday they will decide to keep things private, but not today.Melissa Wardburg Rosenberg who is popular with her stage name Melissa Rivers was born on January 20, 1968 in Manhattan. She is actress, television producer and host and also, philanthropist and equestrienne. Her father is the late comedian Joan Rivers and mother was late producer Edgar Roseburg. Her body measurements like height is 152cm and weight are 125.62 lbs.She also made an appearance in the comedy movie ‘Men in White’ in 1998 and ‘The Big Tease’ in 1999.She also played with her mother Joan Rivers, in Tears and Laughter, acting as themselves in 1994.Aside from the material things, there is one thing that Melissa keeps hearing... Melissa shared, “I hear that, it’s white noise, there are days where I’m like, ‘Oh, God, can you please give me a break?