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One time when I was at a strip club (one of the few times I've been, I went with a friend I hadn't seen for ages who insisted on going) one of the strippers threw an ice cube at my crotch.

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Im Rahmen dieser Strafe ereignet es sich eines Tages, dass Nathan (Robert Sheehan), Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Alisha (Antonia Thomas), Kelly (Lauren Socha) und ihr Bewährungshelfer Tony (Danny Sapani) in ein verheerendes Unwetter geraten.The comments area will be cleaned periodically to reduce loading time and clutter.This means older comments will be removed as topics change, so save anything you would like a record of.Let's have a look: Arriving in series four as one of the new class, Nathan landed the part after impressing in an audition for a much smaller role.Since playing the telekinetic teen, Nathan has only been in a couple of TV projects, but one of them was the 2014 alongside Brian Blessed.Als eine Gruppe jugendlicher Straftäter während ihrer gemeinnützigen Arbeit in einen Sturm geraten, entwickeln sie Superkräfte.