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i am now on bedrest for three days and was told to follow up with an OB, or come back if i have worse bleeding, cramping, etc. just curious as to any experiences anyone else might have out there. They are not sure if that has any thing to do with the bleeding or not. I have continued to have off and on spotting up until last weekend, but am hoping that all is still well. next week so I'm praying that we hear a nice strong heart beat. Apparently spotting is normal, but still very scary! The Dr this morning said he was "cautiously optimistic", and that a bunch of cases clear up on their own. I went to the ER because I literally had a faucet of blood coming out of me.

I am nervous about it to but I am trying to stay positive. I was pretty sure that was it and they did an US and baby was still fine. My OB at the time was mildly optimistic and I was put on bedrest. Went through rest of pregnancy cautious but delivered a healthy daughter later.

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The Dating affiliates get access to exclusive casual, mainstream and adult dating offers for desktop, tablet and mobile traffic.It's soooo easy to convince your doctor to induce you "early", whereas it is very, very difficult to convince your doctor to let your baby cook longer if need be.This is especially helpful for mommas who are trying to avoid inductions and c-sections.I had a m/c about 6 years ago but since then I have had 2 wonderful boys. However, after I delivered her I had some major clots that were really painful. wow so this seems like it is quite a bit more serious than i was led to believe!The nurses were kneading my stomach like dough to get them all out. now i am afraid :( i guess i should just make sure i take it as easy as possible til i can see an OB. I just posted something similar under "perigestational hemorrage" - I had bleeding at 5.5 weeks and 11weeks - I had a blood clot behind the placenta - I have been on bed rest for 6 weeks and have had 10 ultrasounds - just went today and the blood clot is almost gone - I'm not a doctor, I am a teacher - but my baby and I are very healthy now and I can go back to work on Monday - no sex and no lifting - nothing physical - bed rest was wonderful - I pray that everything works out for you! Specifically there are two options: the first of all allows you to be the star of the chat and the second one allows you to connect with hundreds of room chats. Fun is guaranteed, as well as the possibility to interact and meet cool people worldwide.