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Updating my old laptop

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CPU: The CPU (central processing unit) is an electrical component that acts as the "brain" for your computer.

Most video games require certain speeds for the processor to run at in GHz (gigahertz).

First of all, your PC needs to be compatible with Windows 10 in the first place.

If you don’t have a compatible system, you can earn 0 to the purchase of a new PC.

She suggested an upgrade to Windows 10 but I'm uncertain if this would be a wise project to undertake. Few reasons: Sticking with Windows 7 is a last resort, so at this point, I'm hoping some of the experts could offer some advice on my options here. I considered upgrading to Windows 10, as-is, evaluating system performance and if all seems well, reverting back and then doing a clean upgrade but I haven't a clue if that's even possible (can you re-upgrade after reverting? Apologies for the wall of text and thanks in advance to anyone daring enough to lend a hand!

There’s less than two weeks before Microsoft’s free upgrade offer for Windows 10 expires and the company is pulling out all the stops to encourage people to update.

Many of the gaming capable computers they do have available will cost several hundreds more than the latest gaming console systems; however, games released for computers often have more settings, more customization for gameplay, and more user-made content.

We've been getting the annoying pop-up notice on our Windows 7 laptop asking us if we wanted to upgrade to Window 10 for the past year. But on Saturday, my daughter turned on the laptop to do some schoolwork, and then called to me in the kitchen, "Hey Dad, the laptop just shutdown and says it's installing Windows 10. It just happened." I walked over and looked at our laptop, and sure enough, the screen said it was downloading and installing Windows 10 and DO NOT POWER OFF THE COMPUTER.

I didn't want to damage the computer, so I wasn't willing to kill the power.

Updates to fix bugs, enhance your Internet experience and scan for security threats include just a few of the Microsoft updates available for download.

Microsoft Windows isn't perfect, and if you don't update your computer often you may not have access to newer features, or get the latest security updates for Windows Defender.